Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts
Everything that ever was

 “Best Hoosier Rock Record of 2006”

13 exquisitely-crafted hard-pop gems from the songwriting team of David Rheins and Tim Brickley. Everything that ever was. is an integrated song-cycle in the classic LP tradition, mixed by Paul Mahern (Over The Rhine, Mellencamp).


Featuring these Rheins/Brickley Originals:

.. 1 Reckless With Love. .. 2 I’m in Need. .. 3 Something in You. .. 4 We Were High. .. 5 Sally Starr (oh! Sunflower, Weary of Time). .. 6 I See You in Everything .. 7 Without You I’m Just Screwed. .. 8 Usa Today. .. 9 I Didn’t Know. .. 10 You. Tonight. .. 11 I Wish I Was Your Mother. .. 12 Meant It At the Time. .. 13 There Is Only Love…>

Tim Brickley is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer whom the Indianapolis Star calls a musical “local legend”, and Nuvo Magazine calls a “pillar of the local music community.” His latest album with his musical collective the Bleeding Hearts, “Everything that ever was.” features 13 exquistely-crafted tracks of early-70’s pop-craft inspired obsession. Brickley calls the album an “unabashed love letter to the songwriters and record-makers who first inspired.” and as such, the albums lone cover is of the Ian Hunter/Mott The Hoople gem “I Wish I Was Your Mother.” The rest of the album features songs by Brickley and Seattle-based collaborator (and ex-Spin and Rolling Stone staffer) David Rheins.

Everything was mixed by the extraordinary Paul Mahern (Mahan Kulpa), who’s recently worked on albums by John Mellencamp and Over The Rhine. He did an outstanding job polishing theses tracks. If you like: The Beatles, Neil Young, The Replacements, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Kate Bush, Robert Frank, Wes Anderson, PT Anderson, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, etc. We believe you may like this album; it’ll get you 70 miles down the road, bro…

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