Selected Artwork by David Rheins

Portrait of a Stranger, acrylic on canvas. 12/12


Water Stinks


Revoluton with crispy fried shrimp


Pay Attention!



Portrait Lon Ohnder


self portrait 2005

Self Portrait 2005


Tim Brickley portrait by David Rheins

Tim Brickley Portrait

crazy eights

Crazy Eights


flower power

Flower Power

january 2006

Winter 2006


November 2006

for more DMRt, please visit:

David Rheins Art Gallery on flickr

3 thoughts on “Art

  1. I really love your art work! Especially, “Pay Attention” and “Revolution with crispy friend shrimp!”
    These are great
    Never stop!

  2. Thank you, sunshine. Your kind words mean a lot to me. As an artist, oftentimes there is little feedback and it is refreshing to hear that something you’ve done has touched a chord in another. Hope you’ll be back.

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