David Rheins is a digital media marketer, songwriter/poet and visual artist. In addition to this blog, he manages: freepamphlet.wordpress.com , PhokuFeed.wordpress.com , David Rheins on Blogger and Citizenimage.wordpress.com .

Rheins has released two indie music CDs: 1995’s Be Apart and 2005’s Everything That Ever Was both with Indianapolis-based songwriting partner Tim Brickley and his band the Bleeding Hearts (www.timbrickley.com) ( http://www.reverbnation.com/timbrickleyandthebleedinghearts). Their songs are available for sale on iTunes, CDBaby, ReverbNation and streamed widely across the web.

As his day gig, David Rheins is also the principal of Local Local Seattle, a digital media and marketing agency providing creative strategy, social media , business development and integrated marketing solutions to SMBs and Startups.

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18 thoughts on “@DavidRheins

  1. Oops! That’s me up there..heh heh. Didn’t notice that the form had my other blog name instead of Poetmeister. Well, okay. Now my cover’s blown. But that’s cool. Worth it..:)

  2. Eek! I just found this here comment of yours, David. I’m sorry if you thought I wasn’t interested in your great, and I mean, great site, please know just after I wrote my comments above the Cloud-of-Doom settled above me and mine suddenly, but I’m just starting to get back to blogging more frequently.. I don’t know if you were aware of the reason for my scarcity, and just wanted to tell you that I’m providing my gentle readers with a link to your blog — because I love my readers..:) I shall be back.. !

  3. Hi David, I’m enjoying exploring your work on this and other sites. And I want thank you for following my Being Yordie Sands blog. I am just wondering if we’ve met Second Life?

  4. Just read your long ago essay on C.A.R. that was linked to from the CAR RPCV Facebook page. I could relate. Excellent essay. Many of the themes you reflect on were true for those providing technical assistance, as well. In my case, beekeeping.

  5. Thanks Adam — So glad to hear that you liked the story. I think my experience was fairly common, and am happy that some of it resonated with you. Where did you serve? Would love to read/hear more about your service.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you here again soon.

  6. David. I did end up subscribing to the blog so may check out some of the future posts. You sound like you have an interesting background and we share a passions for music (shameful aside, I’m seeing Lady Gaga next week at Madison Square Garden).

    I served from 1988-89 in a small village called Maorka between Kaga Bandoro and M’bres. Doesn’t look like you have a Facebook account but if you ever join there is a group of RPCVs who served in CAR.


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