Sidewalk Constitution



The fourth amendment
at the rally in bright chalk
Cannabis Parade

* * *
David Rheins

3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Constitution

  1. I think you should read it along with the 14th amendment that say’s I have the same right to the same protection under the law as you and your cannabis business constituents and MJBA members!
    Meaning If your constituents have the right and protections under the law to grow produce or distribute, retail what have you, then so do I.
    We also have a right to free markets and free enterprise up held by supreme court ruling based upon the 9th amendment that bases unenumerated rights derived from the frame work of the constitution! But if you knew and really believed in the constitution you would have know the fed excuse used at the hearings was bogus as well as the tenth amendment states rights permits a state to govern it’s self independent of federal government!
    So free markets are a right of the people!
    You can not claim to be ending prohibition when you have pushed a law allowing one yet prohibiting another! This law SB 5052 is prohibition and you funded it David.
    Seeing how you and your group that pushed the new prohibition law and are the soul reason my garden with over 45 years combine experience is prohibited, this make you a propaganda collaborator and a shill.
    So do us a favor and drop the you care about the constitution act, because it was you and your organization who are infringing upon my rights and using the government as a blunt club to beat us out of business!
    It’s as corrupt as it gets! So go read the constitution and undo the damage you did to the american people and to the united states and the damage you have done to cannabis the movement and freedom in general! Prove me wrong that your not the bad guy, undo what you have done!
    Because from here you look like the bad guy to me!

    • Carlos – You clearly don’t know me or the MJBA. I think you are confusing me with Martin Tobias and WACA, who were involved in the crafting of 5052.
      The MJBA is a b2b organization that provides business intelligence, community and opportunity to participants in the legal cannabis industry. We have done no lobbying for 5052, or any other bills. We focus on business education (how to manage your cannabis business successfully within the current legal framework.

      While we do not do any lobbying, and are not a political org by design, the MJBA did, and does support the legalization movement. While flawed, I-502 is a major step in normalizing cannabis and cannabis users, and it has gone a long way toward ending the practice of jailing pot smokers.

      There is certainly a lot of room for reform — and I encourage you to get involved and try to be part of the solution instead of just whining and casting ill-informed accusations.

      You and your partners liked I-502 well enough to apply for a retail license. But once your I-502 application was not approved (it is public record) you change your tune. With sour grapes you cry that it is a corrupt system.

      If you’d really like to have a conversation (instead of trolling all of my web sites and leaving nasty remarks) you can reach me at Oh, and you might want to use your real name instead of your pseudonym.

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