“Evergreen” Film Challenges President Obama to End War on Marijuana

If you’re going to Seattle, please remember there’ll be flowers in the air…One of the highlights of this year’s Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) was “Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington.”

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I-502 film sparks debate after SIFF World Premiere 

The new Marijuana documentary “Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington” has received critical acclaim and enthusiastic audience response during its World Premiere last week at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).
“Evergreen” is a behind-the-scenes examination of Washington State Initiative 502, which legalized recreational marijuana for the first time in America. The 86-minute film shines a light on the heated process that led to I-502’s passage, including the controversial impact of its implementation on the future of United States drug policy.
In the closing moments of the documentary, Vivian McPeak, Executive Director of Seattle Hempfest, makes a hopeful plea to the President for policy reform at the Federal level:
“President Obama, we’ve lived under the specter of the iron curtain of prohibition all of our lives. President Obama, tear down this wall.”
“Evergreen” finished as one of the Top Ten Documentaries screened…

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One thought on ““Evergreen” Film Challenges President Obama to End War on Marijuana

  1. Drug War begins in under two mouths thanks to you and your organizations bull shit law you lobbied for, yeah I’m talking SB5052 the bill you pushed that made criminals out of good people, shut down jobs and shut down experienced growers such as my self who has a letter from the county thanks to you saying that I am prohibited from participation in the very thing I have done for 15 years!
    You hurt or more like flat out killed medical cannabis and have done a major disservice to cannabis freedom, the state, the constitution of the united states, and the american people in general.
    You have made criminals of good people and denied sick folks the right to take care of them selves for the sake of profits, I mean did Time Warner and AOL not pay you enough, now you want to take from me, and take what little liberty I had left!
    I have have to fight and die for my liberty, my blood will be on your hand and will stain your soul.
    Everyone who was a patient who is incarcerated, their incarceration will be on your hands!
    Every person who can not afford your profit driven system and suffers your suffering will be on you hands.
    I hope you change what you have done David Rheins, but I’m sure you won’t and if you don’t I hope it haunts you all of your days! As it will be told and you will not go down in history as the man who ended prohibition but rather the man who corrupted the system and created the monopolized specialized class of over privileged corrupt corporations!
    I hope it haunts you and if you do not change the things you are responsible for I’ll spend the rest of what is left of my life telling it from the roof tops!

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