Hoosier Pickers descend upon Fair Grounds

Vintage fans from around the state and around the country flocked to the Fair Grounds this weekend in search of treasures. Fueled by a mix of hard times  and inspired by the free admission, thousands turned out for the Stewart Show Flea Market.  While the crowds were respectable,  some vendors we met complained that there were more lookers than buyers this year, and that folks were driving a hard bargain. “The economy means that buyers are tight down to the last dollar.”

My folks and I decided to do a booth after many years away from the game, and reintroduced Jim Kraks and Gewgaws at the show.  We had a great time, met some fun folks and got to pass along some of our favorite finds to new collectors. We’ve relaunched Jim Kraks & Gewgaws, and plan to offer vintage and retro shoppers a wide selection of relics, rarities, and collectibles. “We only buy what we like,” Jim Kraks founder Irv Rheins, my dad, told me. That way if it doesn’t sell, it goes back on the shelf in our house!”


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