Monday Haiku

Spent sunflower droops

Faded as summer romance

Life lets go like leaves


8 thoughts on “Monday Haiku

  1. Lovely imagery.

    I can nearly feel the peaceful downward drift of the leaves falling in the cool autumn breeze as I let go of the heat of the summer romance.

    Nice to read your writing again.

  2. Welcome Kara — Nice to have another new poet visit. Thank you for your nice words. I’ve been having fun with Haikus this past year. I got turned onto them again after many years respite by Midwest Poet (check my blogroll).

    I’ll check out your blog now. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

  3. Thanks Tamster. Good to do some writing after spending most of August in my rock & roll mode. I’ll try to post some more material soon.

    And, of course I agree, it is wonderful to witness the miracle of the changing seasons, the great cycle of life as it manifests itself in vegetable life.

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