Holiday Musings


This weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer. Pools across this great land open, bathing suits put on for the first time. Yee haw. Break out the beach balls, ice down the beer, fire up the grill and store the socks for another season. This Spring has been particularly cool and wet in NYC, so I’m ready for some heat.

I’m originally from Indianapolis, and back home in Indiana Memorial Day is synonymous with the Indy 500, or what we Hoosiers like to call the world’s largest cooler sport. Sadly, I’ll not be able to join my tailgating, box lunch-eating friends for their Race Day infield debauchery. Instead, I’ll stay close to home here in Jersey City. I’ve been promising myself a day of late sleep and no plans. Turn off the phone, stay off the computer, and generally chillax.

Our blogging buddies at Free Pamphlet Publishing ( will be celebrating by putting together a Memorial Day special edition, which should appear this weekend. They tell me that there will be contributions from some special guest bloggers, so be sure to check that out.

In the meantime, enjoy the beachball photo, courtesy of Citizen Image (

And, be sure to have a cold one for me.





3 thoughts on “Holiday Musings

  1. this holiday means that to most people–not the race necessarily but events like it–always the beginning of summer…somehow the true meaning is just a fraction of the weekend if at all.

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