A mother’s love knows no bounds…or is that boundaries?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the crazy mom in Missouri (talk about the ‘show me’ state) who set up a fake MySpace profile in order to torment her teen daughter’s rival. Mom decided that the best way to help her daughter negotiate the tricky waters of teenage angst and the pressures of puberty was to assume a fake identity as a ‘hot guy’ in order to then send harassing and humiliating messages to a young 13-year-old girl. The victim of this vitriol became so distraught she ended up committing suicide.

Talk about socializing bad behavior. Life lessons to include clever ways to employ lying, cheating, intimidation and dirty tricks to get what you want — I guess mom just wanted to be sure that her daughter had all the proper skills needed to lead a successful adult life.

If you somehow missed this sordid piece of Americana, please read on…

MySpace Hoaxer Indicted in Teen Suicide Case

A 49-year-old Missouri woman accused of pretending to be a love-struck teenage boy on News Corp.’s MySpace and driving a 13-year-old girl to suicide with cruel messages is being indicted on federal charges. Social-networking sites are under pressure to crack down on cyber-bullying.



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