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Statistics will tell us that the majority of blogs are personal in nature. Millions of people around the world take to the typepad every day, twittering away about the dullest details of their daily lives.
Opening my Facebook page each morning, I am greeted with a news feed of non-noteworthy activity of faint friends and business acquaintances: Marcy is feeling her oats; Janet is having another latte; Jake is blogging about Brooklyn; Rip is tearing it up.
Why do I care? I don’t know, but I do. I regularly check the profiles of ex-lovers and former colleagues, not with any intention of making contact; I have no desire to reconnect or even to reminisce. I am just a curious yellow voyeur. I enjoy the fact that I can browse the photos from last week’s picnic, or vicariously enjoy the wedding festivities of the most casual acquaintance: though I wasn’t close enough to merit an invite to the reception, I did get to see the bride, and while I don’t know the family, it was fun to see them all dressed up in their Sunday best.
The blogging habit has been a natural one for me to acquire. I have since childhood been an obsessive keeper of journals. I keep a file cabinet bursting with moleskins, binders full of scribblings, pages of poems, thoughts, and daily drivel.
I journal compulsively for an audience of one – myself. I do not share my notebooks, and , despite a background in journalism, do not harbor any serious pretensions of publication. I simply put pen to paper in hopes of divining some patterns; I long to put some order to the cacophony of thoughts and the randomness of life’s curious curveballs.
Occasionally, I get a comment on my blog posts. It is always surprising — and edifying — to make connections with strangers based solely upon the synergy of search terms – the coincidence of keywords. We are all looking for connections.
Like the proverbial message in a bottle, I post and pitch my little contributions into the choppy waters, and wait. A day, a week, a lifetime, for the echo of the cosmic giggle to ping me back.


13 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah Blog

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  2. Sounds like Facebook (above comment) didn’t like being referred to as essentially unconsequential! That’s quite funny. And your essay is eloquent, and elegantly written. Bravo! Non-noteworthy not! HH

  3. Aw, this sista is a fan of your drivel ~ so much so that she has one of your poems tucked away for safe keeping and several more in her cd player most weeks.


  4. Good to hear from you, Sista Lila.

    Working on some new material now. In fact, trying to figure out how to upload some spoken word audio into this blog… stay tuned!



  5. Thanks, Lissa. It is great to hear from you, and I’m very happy that my little ‘message in a bottle’ resonated with you. Hope you’ll come back, and post more.


  6. This post made me laugh. Great writing. I can relate to it, too. I’m the last person in the world I ever imagined as a poet “blogger.” I was a hermit for so many years. Not a true hermit, I guess. But somewhat shy of public chatter and kept to a very small circle. Now I find myself going online and telling (boring) details of my life that I never dreamed I would reveal. It’s sort of scary.

    But the great side of blogging is meeting people like you, David. And reading your work. Your pictures are awesome, too. “Shoot the Freak” is simply amazing. I will definitely link to your site tonight. Take care.

  7. So funny, Julie. Yes, this blogging/social networking seems odd indeed, however, I must say I’ve really enjoyed the creative outlet, and even more, have enjoyed meeting kindred souls.

    Happy to meet you, and thank you for the link and the friendship.

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