Off the Garden State Parkway

All that time in cubicles
has made our racers anxious
They honk and weave
then flip the bird
in theater cantankerous

Today I took a mid-day ride
and nearly lost my life
A large-framed man
in a too-small car
cut me off on the Garden State

He desired my place in lane
first sped up, then hit the brakes
I swerved and skidded to avoid a scene
and the loss of time that an accident takes

He waved his finger
Fuck you he screamed
red-faced and bloated
behind the Kia’s tinted screen

I breathed
out the stress
and in the bliss
before I saw the exit
that I had just missed

New Jersey doesn’t care about convenience
ten mile breaks before any off ramps
and then you end up behind mom in the mini van
at CR-657 and the Junction of 22 West


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