V for Victory

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Convict #9653

He grew up in Terre Haute

Poor white boy

Working the railroad

Putting paint on Pullman cars

Hard work, man, life of the rail yard (2x)

He helped the workers get organized

To get some rights

They Unionized

The man resisted,

We put up a fight

The Appeal to Reason

Showed us the light (x2)


I’m voting for old Gene Debs

V for Victory

Socialist President

Convict #9653

Serving his time for you and me

Serving his time; he loves his country

He spoke out against the war

Questioned what the killing was good for

Seditious treason read the law

He ran his campaign from behind bars

A million voters did agree

Eugene V. Debs must go free

President Wilson did not concede

Said Old Man Wobbly was a threat to the country (2x)

Even though he grew old and grey

Even though he grew thin and frail

Even after they took his liberty away

Despite a million votes, he rotted in jail

He did not go gently into that good night

Sacrificed his freedom for what was right

IWW — fighting the good fight

Workers of the World Unite

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