Good morning, Hackensack

Another day without daylight
in this dirty Jersey kitchen
the toaster oven’s burning
something left from last night’s supper
there are only seconds ticking
by the clock beneath the ceiling
that you promised me you’d fix
but it’s been monthsI wonder where the love went in our lives
as I soap the sudsy sponge against the knives
and curse my lesser moments
before my better half

Good morning, Hackensack
good morning Dot and Jack
Good morning, Hackensack

It’s another dreary evening
in the empire without dreaming
and I’ve only half an hour
before my bed

so I take another shot for my head
and it’s almost like the morning will never come
so I drink myself good and proper numb
and toast the best to my old Auntie Dot
and fondly boast of days with Uncle Jack


and if the tale of my poor life was read
they could proably say been off better dead
because much was ventured when all in fact is lost
an empty box of broken heart is all you can show off

each day ends as another begins
each night you pray for something more
and wonder what we’re living for
and curse it all as just a bore

but what the heck and what the hell
it’s been good fun, it’s been just swell



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